13 February 2009

When I left Bangalore...

By the time I left Bangalore this time, I hated everything…I hated each and everything in Bangalore. I just wanted to reach back to Mangalore and never return back. In the last three weeks before I left Bangalore all I could hear around me from my loved ones was ‘EAT’, ‘EAT’, ‘EAT’. But ‘EAT’ what??? was my plight. For nearly one month I was not able to eat anything. I was just eating forcibly to keep myself alive.

In these two and half years, ‘Food’ is what made me hate Bangalore so much. This took me to the hospital too. Okay now, here as well, I could hear only one thing ‘EAT’… Sisters come with options we’ll prepare that…we’ll prepare this… Fine, I thought, I’ll eat something and I agreed for Oats porridge. Then, Doctor comes for rounds, asks the sisters what I had for lunch?
Their conversation goes this way:
Dr: What did she have?
Sr: Oats Sir.
Dr: Oats?!?!?!?!
Sr: Oats Porridge sir…(with an accent)
Once he left, sisters were repeating this dialogue so many times. It was fun for them..at first I was also laughing, but then…..

Staying 4 days in hospital I was fed up and lost all my patience on the day of discharge. I was expecting a discharge in the morning which didn’t happen. I just wanted to be back home. I just didn’t want to eat anything there. Sisters came with options again.. Rice ganji, Rava ganji, Oats Porridge, Soup etc etc.. I was fed up with all this. Only option which they didn’t have there was ‘Fruit Juice’. Finally, duty doctor came to pacify me. He was like, what you like to eat, we’ll do that for you. My response was,
‘NOTHING IS NICE HERE’… He was kind of excited with my response. He declared, ‘She doesn’t like to eat anything from this Hospital’, gave a smile and left the room. He didn’t leave me there. He asked the sisters to continue the Dextrose drips and followed by a bottle of multi-vitamin. Quite painful.. but it was better than eating something there at that moment.

Now, I’m home. There’s no ‘EAT’ mantra here ‘coz there’s no aversion in eating here. :) Saddest part is, whenever I’m back home, there was only non-veg food for me. And now, only veggie ghaas phoos. :( That too mom is worried what to cook everyday. I hardly eat hand counts of vegetables. But I eat whatever she cooks.

There are lot of people who come to Bangalore and they like the food there. But not for me. Then, my work which I love is pulling me back there. I’ve to be back for my work. I’ve to eat that food. I have to live there. This time I’ll be back with a change though. I’ll be back with a different view about Bangalore and the food what I’m going to have once I’m back there. :) Its not the best, but it’s not that worst too.