31 January 2011

Chitra Santhe 2011 - Street Art Festival

Yet another year witnessing Chitra Santhe filled with Artists all over. This year again it really meant, it's Chitra-Santhe. Entire Kumarakrupa road was so colorful, not only for art works but also souls from various realms.

About Chitra Santhe:
When: Every year there will be a Art Exhibition called Chitra Santhe on the last Sunday of January.
Where: ChitraKala Parishath - Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore
Timings: 9.00AM to 7.00PM
Registration: Artists can register for the event from December last 25th onwards paying 100 Rs registration fees. Look out for the ChaitraSanthe website for details. Free entry for ArtLovers/audience.
Entrance of ChitraKala Parishath

We started our padayatra from one end of the Kumara Krupa road, enjoying various form of arts, talking to the artists, clicking pictures, buying interesting things...One wouldn't know how the time passes when you are around there. It took three hours for us to reach to the other end of Kumara Krupa road. A day is really not sufficient to experience this event. We were wishing if the event could go on all night, for art lovers to cherish this event.

This year, the stalls were increased in number with increased spectators. Chitra Santhe 2011 has got immense response. Art lovers appreciating and buying paintings big or small; low cost to high to higher, highest as well.

Few stalls which caught my eyes are:
Paintings by Rajarajan..They are just out of the box! It's got a lot of depth in them. A buyer who was buying those paintings, addressed those art works as 'He' and 'She'. She really found the character in those paintings.

The "Banana Seller" - This painting was sold for a huge amount.

The showcase of ART 420 as part of performing arts!
ART 420

Artist from Bengal - She was just so creative and hardworking, using even the free time at the stall.

Magazine art - I just liked them and they looked so creative.

Magazine Art

Art works by the Association of People with Disability. They are the special people and specially abled.

Converse - These girls did a happening job. They did number of designs on Converse shoes and they were so cheerful. Of course they needed that energy drink to keep them so lively.

Tiny statues of Bronze - These statues capture all the details even if they are so tiny.

Star@Stalls - Masked people full in Yellow with a Yellow star on their head were roaming from one end to the other end.

Art work inside the bottle and pen refills. I was just wondering what amount of effort he had to put in these works. They were amazing!!

The Crowd - I didn’t imagine so many people would be there at Chitra Santhe today.

Art Mart opposite to Chitra Kala Parishath. I could get my Calligraphy nib there. Also there were so many Art stalls which were offering Art materials on 20% Discount.

Few other pictures of the event...

After Painting Competition; Child showing his painting to his dad.

All in all it was another great experience!