31 July 2015

Point. Shoot. Buy.

Picture Courtesy: IndiBlogger

Flipkart has changed the meaning of shopping in each and every household in India. Shopping is so much at ease with Flipkart from their reliable service to their up-to-date app/website where you find whatever you need to shop easily. The experience what I get is incomparable with any other online shopping channel. Simple and great designs!

Initially, I was so afraid of Online Shopping, though I started shopping for books. But the shopping was so reliable I ended up shopping each and everything, may it be apparels, cosmetics, house hold items and what not.

I'm so excited to join the IndiBlogger meet this time especially to get to know the Flipkart's newest technology #FlipkartImageSearch Experience to make our shopping a hassle free experience. See you @HardRockCafe #Flipkart and #IndiBlogger.

We miss you Sir!

He thought us to dream, to chase and work towards our dream, to be restless until we see the dream coming true. He inspired each and every Indian in one or the other way. Truly a peoples president, while on position, we never got the feel of politics but the service of a true citizen. A person who loved India more, moreover he loved humanity. His greatness is such that, he could say goodbye to his life while in front of the podium, in action, doing what he liked the most: inspiring generations of Indians.

We miss this man with a great vision for India and who live forever in the hearts of every Indian.

Today's Gyan is dedicated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Salute to you sir.