26 July 2011

Day train to Mangalore through Western Ghats

Day train service from Bangalore to Mangalore started few years back. I've always heard from my friends that the scenic journey would be mesmerizing. Since then, I wanted to take a day train journey to Mangalore. Moreover, during monsoon the journey through the Western Ghats would be more enticing.

So far I did not get an opportunity to travel via day train. Either the reservations would be full or I wouldn't have a company and above all the journey takes 10 hours while compared to the 7 hours KSRTC Volvo bus journey. When comes to Mangalore travel I would hop, jump, run, and twirl to reach Mangalore at the earliest. This time, I did not let all those reasons stop me from taking a day train journey. Though I had to travel alone, I made up my mind I would GO!

My journey begins on 22nd July. Morning at 7.30, the train departs from Yesvantpur station. And at 6.15AM I start from Koramangala. And this day being Auto strike, I wondered if I could get any Auto or if I could get any direct bus or at least towards Majestic. I finally get an auto, who agreed to charge me Rs. 200 after bargaining a lot! I wondered, the train journey from Bangalore to Mangalore which is around 451Kms charged just Rs. 100 plus the reservation charges. But just 30Kms in Auto charged me Rs. 200.

I reached the station at 07.00AM and the train was already at the platform number 1. I had booked a Window seat and the seat assigned was on the right side facing the engine. One of my friends too had planned to come in the same train and I got to know from him that to enjoy the scenic beauty of Western Ghats we need to get a seat on the left side facing the engine. Ah!!! I was disappointed. The journey began from Yesvantpur and went through Tumkur, Tiptur, Arsikere, and so on. Between these places we got to see few lakes. The train would stop here and there either for crossing or track change. Then we reached Hassan. It was around 12:30PM and they dint stop for long there for lunch. The next stop was Sakleshpur.

When we reached Sakleshpur there were little bit of chaos here and there. Yes, those who knew about the day train journey or have experienced started jumping towards the doors on the left side facing the engine. I was hungry as well as I wanted to jump towards the doors to hold a place. We got some Mangalore Buns and ran towards to door. When the train departed from Sakleshpur station you get to see the real beauty. The beauty of Western Ghats! The greenery, the paddy fields, the tunnels, there are around 30 Tunnels from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subramanya. It was an awesome experience, when the train passed through the bridge, when you look down, the water flows several meters n depth, the Western Ghats completed covered with fog.

I reached Mangalore around 5.30PM. It was a prodigious experience every must experience once in their life time. I would travel once again with a bunch of friends. That will be really exciting.

However, as it is in Indian train, the trains are not in good condition, you'll not feel like placing your hands on windows, doors, or even you won't feel like entering the W.C. I don't know when Indian Railways will be tidy and hygienic. I wish that will happen soon or will it ever happen in India?

All in all, it was a very pleasant journey and I feel so good when I'm back home. I feel blessed to be born in the land of Mangalore. People, Place, and Food - best in the world! :-)

Here are the pictures which I tried to capture on the move: https://picasaweb.google.com/107767421120953479303/DayTrainWesternGhats02#. Beautiful scenes captured but I could not capture them beautifully.

4 July 2011

His first DSLR…Yes!! Dreams come true!

Getting his DSLR was his dream and yes, dreams come true. Having great passion for photography, he’d been hunting for the right camera. Buying the right one took its own sweet time. There were lots of Canon models in his wish list. Again, dreams come true, but how much ever you chase your dreams, destiny rules. There’s a perfect time for everything and that’s when your dreams come true. This is what I believe.

With his first DSLR in his hands, happiness fills in his heart! Though he had his hand on high end SLR’s earlier, this one is his own very first DSLR. What more can I ask for on my special day. Nothing more than finding happiness in someone’s face, on a special day. :)

A few shots of the gear and few pictures shot using this gear. As I update this post, these are the only pictures which I have at this moment. 

Haji Ali

Haji Ali