About Me

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by and spending some time reading my articles.

I'm Sims - Seema Kotian - a hard-core Managalorean. Born and brought up in Mangalore, a coastal region in the south west part of India.

I'm a Technical Writer by profession but always been into writing something or the other. Through my blogs, I would like to pen down my personal experiences about anything under the sun. 

My passions include Reading Novels, Writing, Photography, Traveling, Birding, and so on and on. I can catch up any hobby anytime. ;) There's a dream I keep chasing: I want to be a Novelist. I hope I'll work towards achieving my dream of being a Novel writer. My favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts. Just love their novels and their writing.

I hope you'll love reading my blog. Happy reading!

Comments on the blog are very much welcome. :)

Thanks again!


  1. Hi Seema, Thanks for reading my blog post. You have a wonderful blog too & all the best to achieve your dream..