7 August 2009

Time is the healer!?!?!?!?

People say that time is the healer. And I agree with them. You'll never know how long it'll take. It mainly depends on how we handle things at that time and how we react. Time won't heal every wound, it's we who handle makes the difference. We are the one's who is responsible for whatever happens with and around us: good or bad. It's like, we may not have control on what life flings at us but we can control our response to whatever happens to us.

Most of the times we go though lot of pain not being able to find relief from our emotional pain, because we don't make the changes what we need to. It's all in our minds... Be open for change, be alert on whats happening around to heal the pain and you'll really find relief..Do not stay locked in the same frame of mind and refuse to see the new world.

Everyone, at least once will be emotionally hurt somewhere somehow. "Time is enough to heal any wound". And time does heal all the wounds and if we don't forget and forgive our life would be miserable. Move on..to live and you should.. We don't forget everything with time, but we just feel different with time. With time, some emotions will not have the same priority. It’s all a process, you get hurt, you go through the different phases of denial, shock, anger, disappointment, and so on. But at the end, you learn to live with what happened and move on. Seriously, if you can make something good out of something bad that happened to you, then B.R.A.V.O. Don’t forget the incident, but forget the grief. It all depends on who comes into your life, to help you heal, to fill the gap. And someone will come :-) And that's the truth.