1 June 2011

Update - Marathahalli Snake catchers number...

It's going to be a year after the snake's visit to our place. We were lucky enough to find a snake catcher at the midnight for our rescue. I hope the snake will be fine in the forests somewhere.

Today when I was looking for the updates on my blog, I found this comment from Kannan on my previous post Snake...Snake..Snake inside the house!

I was glad that these details what I post on my blog is helpful. This is what Kannan says: 


Thank you very much for sharing the Snake catchers number in your blog. I spoke with Mr. Hariharan, Marathahalli for catching snake in my apartment car parking area hid in a rat pothole. He said now a days he is not available for the snake catching, instead he recommended his father Mr. Kumar. His number is 9********. I spoke with him and he said will reach my apartment with 45 minutes to come from old airp ort area. He came within the time he mentioned and did some enlargement of the pothole and caught the snake. It was a cobra. He will take it to Bannerghatta National park. We paid him Rs.500/- as his service charge. Felt very happy to save a snake. Thank you very for your help in sharing the phone number of Mr. Hariharan

Thanks Kannan for sharing this information. So, anywhere nearby if anyone finds a snake, please call Mr. Kumar at 9*********. Please don't harm them, and the snakes will not harm you too. call the snake catchers, they have the tricks to catch snakes without harming them. Hope this helps you when in need.

Update 07 September 2015: The person mentioned above is no more into snake catching. He's been recieving many calls regarding the same so I have masked his number. There was a snake in our apartment yesterday and when I called the number we got to know that he doesn't do this anymore as he is old and his treatment is going on.