16 February 2011


I’m writing this while I’m relaxing my evening at the park. A naughty little boy smiles at me as I take out my book from the bag. Round the park, there are stone benches and I’m sitting on one of them. Ah! Ah! I realize ants are biting me. I need to shift to some other bench before they climb all over me.

I shifted to a place near a group of women who’s practicing some religious songs. I can hear them sing something something Hari Om! something something Hari Om! Though none of them are having melodious voice, they are involved in the song and enjoying the Bhajan. Hmmmm…one of them is distracted, she’s looking at me, smiling. I smile back at her.

Park! When you think of park, you recall, toddlers playing in the sand pit or play area, senior citizens on their regular walks, Couples spending their leisure time on the corners, health and physique conscious people jogging or walking round the park. And yes, especially in the evenings, mosquitoes biting you.
No...There’s more to this.

Park! Today I realize, gives you space to think. The light and fresh air helps you relax. I realize, giving oneself an hour or so is really important to get out of all the stress and anxiety in our daily life. Kids, they have their own way of making us smile. I’m happy that we still find kids coming to the park to play in the evenings, leaving behind their electronic gadgets.

Here there’s a lady sitting beside me. She too came in alone like me. Unlike me, she’s not looking around here and there. She’s sitting quite, to herself, enjoying the evening. Refreshed!

I’m refreshed too!. :)