26 April 2010

Say NO to Plastic Bags

Yesterday, I was shopping at the Total Mall and I was in the queue for my billing. I was unsure that I would be going for shopping groceries or somehow it skipped my mind to carry my grocery bag!

I was done with the billing and I was all set to come out with 3-4 PLASTIC BAGS. Somehow, I felt ashamed as a couple behind me, started screaming "NO PLASTIC BAGS PLEASE, HELLOOOOOO NO PLASTIC BAGS PLEASE! WE HAVE GOT OUR OWN BAGS!!!". There are people who take the effort to carry their own bags, whenever and wherever they go. I really appreciated the couple there.

As I walked out from the second floor, I could see a man who had filled two bags (Cloth Bags) full of groceries. I felt happy to see at least two people carrying their own bags and made their contribution in saving the planet earth. Hats off to such people!

At the same time, I felt sad for not carrying my bag with me. 

 P.S: They are my shopping bags in the picture.

23 April 2010

Plastic roads in India. Will it work?

India’s first Plastic waste road has been built in Bangalore!

On the eve of Earth Day 2010, I was watching the earth day special documentary on reducing carbon emission - "Cutting Carbon Footprints" - in National Geographic Channel. A documentary that reminds all of us that we have a moral & social responsibility to planet Earth, and that we have to do our best to reduce carbon emission & leave a healthy planet for generations to come.

What caught my interest in this documentary is about a wonderful project that is occurring in Bangalore. A company is Bangalore has begun to add shredded plastic waste to road-laying materials. This morning I was browsing regarding this subject and I got to know some pro's and con's on this project.

What are the benefits of Plastic roads?
A company by the name of KK Plastic Waste Management Co. has begun to add shredded plastic waste to road-laying material (asphalt).
Plastic roads can better handle the pressure of incessant traffic and, most importantly, the harsh sun, pounding rain and other quirks of Indian weather.
More importantly, these "plastic roads" make use of tons of plastic waste. It is handy in disposing the tons of waste plastic that Bangalore’s residents produce daily.
Bangalore alone generates roughly 40 tons of plastic waste each day, or enough for about 25 miles of road. The project is off to a great start - so far 800 miles of sturdy city roads have been built, and the city has been rid of 4,000 tons of plastic waste.
Fortunately, rag pickers (trash collectors who are some of the poorest people in India) are paid to find plastic trash.
Shredded plastic binds the road material, cutting down on the need for constant repair. Since plastic is water resistant, there is less damage during heavy rains which account for the bulk of the damage to roads.
This project has allowed roads to become sturdier, plastic waste to be reduced, and it has proven to be a great way to employ people.
So far, the plan seems to be working.

What is not being considered is the degradation of plastic materials into smaller particles overtime. What happens when particulate plastic matter ends up in our water supply and is ingested by animals and human beings. Have you looked at research on this. Is anybody paying attention? Plastic as we all know does not degrade and the evidence is in our oceans whereby marine life is being heavily impacted by presence of plastics particulate matter.

Are we are creating another environmental disaster ten years down the lane?

22 April 2010

Earth Day - 2010

Great Ways to Celebrate “Earth Day 40″
# Wear something green
# Plant a tree - Plant a new tree to celebrate Earth Day
# Turn off the lights - Turn off all electricity for one hour. Light a candle and spend quality time with family and friends
# Pick up the garbage - Spend some a couple hours picking up litter at your local river
# Walk, ride or bike Skip the car! Walk, bike, or take the bus to work
# Skip the Steak - Give up meat for one day
# Save Paper

My thoughts on earth day 2010...

Climate change has become a greatest challenge for us at this time. But as the climate changes, it also gives us a chance to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy for now and for the future. At least if we all contribute in reduce, recycle, reuse mantra and make people aware of the green movement going around - we'll be successful in saving the planet earth.

Few things to note:
·          Say NO to plastics - Take a shopping bag when you go shopping. Make it a point that you never leave home without a shopping bag.
·          Purchase fresh food without packaging
·          Save Paper - Hit the print button only when it is really required. For example, instead of printing your travel itinerary and every other travel document, load them to your phone. Saves paper, ink and electricity that'll be used to operate the printer!
·          Save Water - Be really conscious about how much water you’re using for washing, Bathing, Shaving etc. Those extra couple of minutes in the shower could be using up clean water that’s needed in the local area. Make it a point to close the tap when you shave or brush. Specifically men keep the tap open.
·          Always take your own water bottle from home. You save money and plastic use.
·          when eating foods with small wrappers and there's no dustbin around the area, throw it when you find a dustbin.
·          Take public transportation or walk/bike/cycle
·          Minimise carbon footprint that we leave behind
·          Small actions from a collective of individuals can make a big difference in the long run.

Good luck, think green and happy earth day!

15 April 2010

Dreams come true...

Happy to see someone happy, someones dream coming true... 
Have a dream and work towards that.. dreams will definitely come true...when put into action...
It's time to live your dream...It's time to celebrate the happiness... :-)

14 April 2010

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention..

A well known Japanese proverb reads... "One kind word can warm three winter months."

A word, an action, one simple flaunt of warmth is more than you can ever imagine to someone. From saying Good Morning wishes to volunteering on any good task, there are number of ways to pass along kindness. The little things in life, which in fact end up being exceptionally priceless!

Most people want to make a difference, they're just not sure how. Luckily, there are many simple and easy ways to make a difference in your local area.

This morning I was browsing for random acts of kindness and here are few:
1. Smile - Sometimes, all it takes is a smile to a stranger.  For example: to sales people, cashiers, delivery people, waiters/waitresses and the like. They always get nothing but the best smile which really seems to make their day, smiling is free and it never hurts.  

2. Words - Speaking a word or two, cracking a simple joke, asking few questions like ‘How are you doing today?’, ‘Had your lunch?’, ‘Greetings’, ‘Asking for their name’ will make someone feel good amidst their hectic and daily routines.

“During my second year of nursing school our professor gave us a quiz.  I breezed through the questions until I read the last one:  "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?"  Surely this was a joke.  I had seen the cleaning woman several times, but how would I know her name?  I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank.  Before the class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our grade.  "Absolutely," the professor said.  "In your careers, you will meet many people.  All are significant.  They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say hello."  I've never forgotten that lesson.  I also learned her name was Dorothy.  à Joann C. Jones”

3. Compliment - Find one good thing about everyone you come in contact with, and complement them on it.  Comment on the character attribute, not looks.

4. Kindness - Do one act of kindness a day, to someone who you wouldn't ordinarily do it.

5. Patience - Have more patience with people. Listen to people who need someone to hear them.

I also came across these commitments which we can imbibe in us to make this world a better place, one person and one day at a time.

1. When you have a good idea, or that feeling in your gut that tells you that you have to do something, just do it and don't question yourself.
2. Try to go a whole day without thinking one negative thought, only good thoughts about everyone and everything.
3. Keep a thankfulness journal, and write all the things you are grateful for, everyday. You'll be surprised in the little miracles in your life.
4. A greener planet. Why not start now, by making sure our planet will be happy and healthy  enough?!!
5. Mediation and Yoga. This is a personal suggestion to me because I truly believe I need it. (and I think it will help with my patience!)
7. To never hold a grudge, you never know how little time you have left with someone.
8. To always be thankful for what I have and to not be wasteful, someone always has it worse off than me.
9. Kindness and sincerity makes the world go round so to be kind to those I care about and those I don't. One act of kindness can change a person's life.
10. Be grateful for those in my life, you don't have to have a lot of money to be a rich person. If your surrounded by those who care about you and who you care about in return, you are extremely well off.
11. Reduce, recycle and reuse. Don't waste!!!
12. Most importantly DO NOT WASTE FOOD!!! Like everyday, I prepare what is more than required, I order for more than required and the leftovers are into the garbage bags. We need to think of the people who do not get food to eat!!!
13. Do not negatively compare yourself with others. Everyone has their unique gift and appreciate the goodness in you.
14. Unplug all the random house hold objects that really don’t need to be plugged in constantly as in: cell phone charger, Computer, Hairdryer, Radio, Lamps, toaster, Coffee maker etc. Always make sure to switch off the lights when not in use. Switch off the mains when you leave your house. Turn off the gas when not in use.
20. Reduce your footprint...It's little things like this that make the world a better place.

Click here to read about the image in this post: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lauralippay/4186404292/ 

9 April 2010

Mumbaicha Natural Ice Creams in Namma Bengaluru...

It was a pleasant surprise for anyone who has tasted Natural Ice Cream which was originally found in Mumbai, to see the billboards that Naturals was going to be an addition in Bangalore. The opening of a Natural Ice Creams parlour in the first week of Feb in namma bengaluru was completely welcomed...

All the available fresh seasonal fruits turned to sweet, milky, frozen desserts. The ice creams here are natural, rich, creamy, smooth & it make u forget the guilt that comes along with eating ice creams... Almost every flavour is delicious and worth a try but the ones to note are Tender Coconut, Sitaphal, Mango, Lychee, chickoo and choco-bite. You can even taste them before making up your mind to buy. The waffle cones are freshly baked right in front of your eyes. A scoop of most flavors costs just 32 Rs! They also provide take away and home delivery facilities up to 1 KM.

Everyone who've entered this parlour has walked away with a smile on their face that only ice cream can bring.  All in all, Natural Ice Creams is FANTASTIC.

This is just the perfect place to go to on a summer evening (or late night) for your sweet tooth craving. They have got to have something to satisfy the craving!!!

To check out all the flavours at Natural Ice Cream parlour, click: http://www.naturalicecreams.in/ 

The Natural Ice Creams inuagurated 3 outlets in Bangalore:
No.1021, 80 ft. Main Road, Koramangala 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone: 25634466

St. Marks Road
20, Ground Floor, 15/16 House of Lords, St. Marks Road, Bangalore
Landmark: Next to Oh Calcutta & Kabab corner
Phone: 22117499

Shop No.9, 10 Das Commercial Complex, No.825, Kanakapura Road, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Landmark: Near Nethradam eye Hospital
Phone: 26762288