3 February 2010

Chitra Santhe

Chitra Kala Parishath has been organizing Chitra Santhe in Bangalore for past few years and I got an opportunity to visit the Chitra Santhe for the first time. The entire kumara krupa road was decorated beautifully yesterday. The crowd was enormous. Chitra Santhe got a very good response from art appreciators to buyers. I was amazed to see the Kumara Krupa Road spilled with number of artists with their amazing collections. The best part of this art exhibition was, there were lot of people in Bangalore who were present to appreciate the art, buy, interact, spend their precious time for the artists.

Artists all over India were delighted to present Varity of paintings, which exhibited their creativity and their uniqueness.

I was happy to see people appreciating art and buy the paintings either of small range or bigger. This platform helped a lot of amateur artists as well as the professional artists to showcase their creativity and contribute towards art.

Their were number art stalls of the specially challenged artists exhibiting their art. They were indeed marvellous.

Lot of artists got an opportunity to buy Art Materials for 20% discount on this occasion. Bhaskar & Bhaskar also provided lucky coupons for purchase above Rs. 500. We were hoping for a prize and waited till the lucky draw results. But the result was not in our favour.

All in all it was a wonderful experience, enjoyed the day and had a relaxing Sunday.