29 June 2009

Follow your instincts if possible...

It was June 8, 2009. I left my house bit disturbed and I didn’t know why I was so disturbed. I reached my stop to board the cab at my usual place. That day I reached a bit early at my stop. Usually, my eyes would be gazed on the CMH road hoping for the cab to come soon, but that day I was looking towards Sapna Book House road. There, my eyes fell on an old man trying to cross the road, without legs, he was strolling with a wooden plank for support. I have seen this old man before too, in and around CMH road. But that day as I was seeing him crossing the road, I was feeling something is going to happen. I was not able to judge what. There were vehicles stopped at the signal and this old man was very close to them. He crossed half way and still my eyes were not moving away from this old man.

I was still watching that way and there, I screamed. The signal was green and the car driver couldn’t see this old man. It wasn’t the driver’s mistake though. The old man was short enough and he was unnoticed. The car went through the old man and he was stuck within the wheels. Hearing me scream, people who were having tea near the tea stall ran for rescue. They lifted the car and somehow pulled the old man out. The old man was alive at that time but he was completely stuck under the wheels. He was taken to the hospital. I don’t know what happened after that.

I was disturbed the entire day for not being able to save the old man from the accident. It did not get into my mind that signal would go green anytime. Instead of looking at the old man, I would have helped him cross the road. I didn’t. That didn’t get into my mind. For 2 days, even in my dreams this incident was haunting me.

I don’t know what might have happened to the old man. Hope he’s alive. I never checked with the tea stall people about his condition. For the reason, if he’s no more then this would haunt me even more. May be, I was not able to help the old man for this had to happen. May be god wanted to free him from all these burdens. May be, that’s the reason.

It’s been so many days and I never saw that old man around CMH road after the incident. Everyday when I wait for my cab, the CMH signal reminds me of that incident. I wish I would have been able to help the old man. They all need help. It’s just a matter of going forward and giving a helping hand. We won’t lose anything, but still we will be so busy in our own world that we forget such simple things. Same thing happened with me. My instincts were trying to tell me something and I never bothered to give it a thought.

21 June 2009

Recently, I asked few of my friends what did they learn from me. And here’s what they learnt from me:

* I learnt to be quiet
* Enjoy life
*I learnt how to sleep like a snail
*Trying to walk and jog like you
*I’m learning to spend like mad when u really need something. To wait for someone without getting discouraged
*To be cool always, facing problem with challenge, friendliness with colleagues
*To sleep like kumbakarna anywhere
*To be cool and happy in life
*I learned that I’m not the only one crazy in love in this world. I found you too missing, remembering and loving someone so madly just like me.

With friends around, I have learnt a lot of things. I learnt to be independent, I learnt to enjoy life, to be cool, I learnt to care, I learnt to be happy and much more. Thank you all for teaching me what’s life.

Friends, you can still add to the list.. :-)