30 March 2010

Sunfeast World 10K - May 23rd, 2010

The third edition of the Sunfeast 10 Bangalore event is postponed to 23rd of May, 2010. The online registration for various races is open. To register online, click http://reg.sunfeastworld10k.indiatimes.com/marathon/marathon.jsp?eventid=102 

To contribute to Child Rights and You – CRY, go to:http://www.bangalorecares.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=266&Itemid=70&name=seemakotianCRY-1

15 March 2010

Enjoying hot wheels.... dream machine.. wrrroomm wrrrroom....

Automotive Expo 2010
11th to 15th March | Palace Grounds | Bangalore

Nothing much to say about the expo... I had a nice time watching the BMW's, volkswagen, Chevrolet cars. The Chevrolet CAMARO was too good. Suzuki Hayabusa and Intruder were ultimate.

Few images of the expo...

And this where the Expo was held..... Bangalore palace 
namma bengaluroo.. sakkat hot magga!!

11 March 2010

How the time flies...

If a review of the day concludes that we were too stressed, too busy, dint accomplish anything, dint have any fun, then it has been another lost piece of precious life.
At the end of the day all you want is...
someone to talk,
a listening ear,
and a shoulder to lean on...
P.S: Not able to upload the image.. :-(

5 March 2010

Run for a cause - Show the world you care!

Sunfeast 10K is back!!! Run maadi Run!!!

The third edition of the Sunfeast 10K Bangalore is announced and will be held in the city on May 16th 2010. This event is claimed to be the richest 10k run in the world. The official announcement for this event is on March 9th and registration starts from March 10th.

I am running for a cause...will you? On 16th May 2010, I will join thousands of Bangaloreans to run Sunfeast World 10K Bangalore 2010.
Come experience a pleasant Sunday morning!

Registration fee and the donations are in support of various charities.
*Show Bangalore you care!
*Provide meaningful support to your favorite charity!
*Stay Fit
*Have fun!

You will be able to register online for various races and entry forms will be available at the http://reg.sunfeastworld10k.indiatimes.com

4 March 2010

Make your own Luck

There’s an awesome story I came across in Andrew Matthews’ book ‘Follow your Heart’. There once lived a farmer. He had a son and a horse. One day the horse ran away and the neighbors came to the farmer to console him “What bad luck that your horse has run away!”

The farmer said “Who knows whether it’s good luck or bad luck?”
“Of course it’s bad luck!” said the neighbors.

A few days later, the farmer’s horse came back – with twenty more wild horses! The neighbors came to celebrate this time. “What good luck”, said they, “that your horse has come back with another twenty!”
“Who knows whether it’s good luck or bad luck?” replied the farmer.

And some of the neighbors, by now angry, said “Of course, it’s good luck, you silly old fool!” One day, while the farmer’s son was riding one of the wild horses, he fell down and broke his leg. The neighbors felt sorry for him and told the farmer “What bad luck!” And the farmer said “Who knows whether it’s good luck or bad luck?”

A couple of weeks later, the army came into their town and enlisted all the young men for a war in a distant land. All, except the farmer’s son thanks to his broken leg! The neighbours said “What good luck you have…” The farmer replied “Who knows!” We can spend the rest of our lives trying to debate whether we’ve had good luck or bad luck, when most of the time we have no clue what’s really in store for us!

Is there a need to label every unusual thing that happens in our lives as good luck or bad luck? Why not tell ourselves “My life is a series of events, happening in perfect order.” And better still, if you were to apply the law of attraction, you would say “Everything that happens in my life, everything, I ATTRACT into it. I create my life, as I go along. This luck thing is just an illusion.”
I know this can be all very confusing.

There are people who are staunch believers in the luck factor. And there are those who aren’t. It really doesn’t matter what the world thinks. What matters is what you think!
I used to wonder “How come some people are always very lucky?” HOW, is it possible? After years of thinking, I finally concluded. They make their own luck. And so can you. If you think you can!

3 March 2010

A village visit! ಗಂಗ ರಾಜನ ಹಳ್ಳಿ... ಒಂದು ಕಿರು ಪಯಣ...

ಗಂಗ ರಾಜನ ಹಳ್ಳಿ... ಒಂದು ಕಿರು ಪಯಣ...  
January 26, 2010; republic day this year did not fall on a Friday or Monday. We, especially the ones working in IT sector will be waiting a year ahead for long weekend. So, this January 26th I did not go to my hometown and I was in Bangalore. Usually, spending a week day holiday will be like going to a mall in the evening or spending the day lazily at home, cooking, washing clothes and so on.

Gangarajanahalli, is the village where we landed after two hours of journey from Bangalore on January 26th. A serene place, free from pollution – those annoying noise of vehicles, replaced with chirping of birds, children playing – their cry, people's curiosity when we landed withbags and charts. The journey from Bangalore city to this village was tiring with scorching hot sun but worth visiting this place; ride from the nice road was ultimate.

We entered the village, where we reached a place where there were house on both the ends of the narrow roads. We spotted a very old house. In fact, most of the houses in that village were very old, which were more than hundred years old. Simple house, very old ones, looks amazing. If we ever compare those houses with the modern houses, houses built in the olden days are the best ones. Tiled houses, vintage designs but irreplaceable, the items used in these houses were more than hundred years old still capable of using another hundred more years.

I was still admiring the structure of that house when my friend started pulling out the pencils and chart papers. People from the nearby houses had surrounded us by then, curious of what’s going on. We sat in the veranda of one of the house and we received good hospitality, they started talking to us, gave a mat to sit down. My friend was busy with the sketches of the houses and I started clicking some pictures. I then felt awkward to click more pictures as people started gaping, which made them think what is she going to do with our pictures. I was then imaging if any strangers like this come to our house in Bangalore, would we treat them this way. Even, if a salesperson comes we would be scared to open the door and talk to him. But in the villages, it’s a carefree life.

After completing the sketch of one house, we walked little further where we found some more curious villagers asking who we are and why have we come. Even here we got good hospitality, they told us stories about the place, and they led us the way to a hill. When you pass through Rama Nagar near Mysore, on the opposite side you could see a big rock mountain. It’s called Aane Gundi Betta in kannada. This betta was walk able distance from this village. But we did not want to get into this betta as it was almost 4.00PM and it would get late. We then walked towards a field with one of the village boy. Few boys were chit chatting, waiting for their friends to join them to play cricket. A farmer was scattering the ragi grains from the dust particles. When we reached this spot, the boys started teasing asking the farmer to give a good posture, and we have come to shoot his pictures and draw his sketches. This remembered me of my school days, enjoying to the core with my cousins.

The farmer started telling stories about Aane Gundi Betta (It’s named after an Elephant fell from the top of the mountain), like he saw a bear standing very close to him one night, tigers come down to village once in a while and so on. He also picked and gave me some berries which were fallen from the trees. It was nice talking to them; they were nice people with good heart. We then had our lunch which we had packed while coming in the midst of the nature. I enjoyed my time there, clicking pictures, talking to people, holding cute lamb in my arms.

All villagers who came and spoke to us had one question in common. Why have we come to visit their village? Any project? Any news channels? And so on. We answered all their questions saying we have come for relaxing in a calm place and photography and art is our passion. They were very humble people, they had a heart to listen, curious about so many things. It’s a nice experience to experience different things. We felt relaxed, out from all city chaos. Feel good to stay in the villages, it’s kind of meditation. Hope there’ll be villages in ample in the coming days. Civilization has reached such a state that we hardly find hand counts of villages. We all are responsible to save trees, save atmosphere and save earth. In some or the other way, we need to put some effort in saving our planet. Please think twice, before you take a print!!!

All in all, it was a day so pleasant and relaxing.

Few images of the village visit..

An old house in the village..

Waiting for the wind...

The farmer scattering the ragi grains..

View of Aane Gundi Betta..

The sketch of the old house.. 

Sketch with the Fountain pen..
I can work only if there is wind...

Trying it out myself...

Holding the cute lamb...