23 April 2014

Change of name = Changing your identity!

Few things makes me think that we are still in the 19th century. I see most of them follow the same age old system of changing their name after marriage.

Most of the well educated, independent women these days change their identity when they get married. I don't understand what is the necessity to change their identity, is it from pressure or the age old system rooted within them. Personally to me, I have made my identity and people know by my name, and I will not change my identity for anything in this world. It's against my rule book. My name is my pride and I wouldn't let anyone change that.

When I was a child my parents just gave me my name and an initial just to segregate from the similar names. As I was growing up I did not find my initial fancy enough. I changed my name to my fathers surname. That was years back when I left school and I made my identity with that name. 

The younger generation now does not require their fathers name or husbands name. They just need a name. They will make their own identity. My niece and nephews all four of them are not given any surname or fathers name or mothers name. They have their first and middle. names which is different and unique. They are happy with their names and they feel different from the crowd.

I have also seen few people, if their wives has not changed the surname after marriage, they hesitate or not ready to include the spuoses name in the passport! This is heights, it's each individuals perception, whether to change or no. 

Women adjusts almost everywhere and in everything after marriage. Is it an adjustment all the women do in changing their name? In my opinion, changing the name is not a Requirement, changing people's perception is the Requirement.

Equality between men and women made me think of this topic this morning.