9 December 2009

Some thoughts about Bangalore Auto walas...

You wake up early in the morning, with a good feel, positive thoughts around and get out of the home hoping for a beautiful day. As you wait for an Auto and these auto wala's attitude towards people who work in Bangalore will spoil your entire day! The Auto wala's in Bangalore mint money specially from the youngsters and target the non bangaloreans.

We common people in Bangalore, who have come for work leaving our home town are pestered by the lousy good for nothing auto drivers. They do not even know how to behave with women. Without any guilt, they fix an amount. They are so rude and they'll claim 2 to 3 times charge. When it comes to short distance, no rikshaw wala will be ready to take you. If they agree then it'll be on a huge amount. And almost 80% of the auto wala's have a meter in their auto just as a toy. They won't use it as it may get spoilt. Almost all Auto drivers are having wrong meter and at night they charge 3 times of the rate.

Most of the auto wala's will blindly say some amount. I make sure that i follow the 'Walk Away' principle immediately without any negotiation. Most f the times they will come running behind to our expectation with meter charge. This rarely happens. You need to stand in the road and beg on these auto wala's pleading to drop at your destination. As if they are going to drop you free of charge at your destination.

If your house is near Jayadeva circle and you say you need to go to a place near Jayadeva circle. They'll stop the auto right in front of the circle as if anyone will build a house in the Circle.

Some auto wala's will get you into the auto with a wide smile and later while dropping they will not give back 25 rupees stating that he has only 100 rupee notes and does not have change or they will start pestering like while boarding the auto you never mentioned you need to get down at this place, you have got me to the interior, we don't get any customer's on our way back, you need to pay 20 rupees extra.

I have hell a lot of bad experiences with the Auto drivers.

But there are good and honest auto wala's as well with the perfect meter. They realize our intention by checking our sharp eyes on the meter while driving. They will give back the extra money even before we bargain for it. I used to feel pity and give some extra money to such auto wala's.

Note: Always make sure that the auto has the digital meter because the probability of tampered digital meter is very very less.

7 December 2009

Public Health Awareness

What is public health? Why Public Health?

Public Health is the science of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention.

Most people don't realize what public health is and the impact that Public Health has on their lives, but there are examples all around you. There are factors that determine your health that you can control, and there are factors that you cannot. It's Public Health that fights both of those battles. Public Health isn't something that matters to someone else–Public Health is your health.

Explore your neighborhood and let people know that public health affects them on a daily basis and that we are only as healthy as the world we live in.

CIL (Center for Integrated Learning, Mangalore) has taken a initiative in designing an educative poster on Public Health Awareness.

Here's the poster designed by Tushar Sangam (Lourdes Central School) and Satvik Krishna (Canara High School). Congratulations Tushar and Satvik for your efforts on Public Health Awareness. Well done n high spirits!!!

These are the things which CIL has emphasized on Public Health Awareness.
  • Health is wealth, remember
  • make this earth a better place to live
  • educate people to stop diseased
  • Give proper water supply
  • build more public toilets
  • improving public health
  • smoking kills
  • stop eating junk
  • be hygenic
  • burgers pizza's prohibited
  • don't keep food uncovered
  • save planet earth by improving public health
  • destroy flu spreaders
  • don't pollute
  • stop buying street food
  • don't use pesticides
  • eat healthy food
  • spread awareness
  • "talk" and encourage others
  • spread awareness
  • fight diseases
  • build more hospitals
  • keep society clean
Please spread this information and let everyone know about Public Health. Lets make a difference and encourage educational institutions about public health awareness!

Your valuable comments are appreciated!!!