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2 September 2015

Monsoon memories

Looks like Monsoon is gone and we are left with the memories of the monsoon. It's always colourful, mostly greenery all over and all other colours glow around those lush greenery. And wow those gardens, they dance beautifully with blooming variety of flowers for they are happy during the monsoon.

Back home, monsoon season is my favourite season, walking to school through the paddy fields, witnessing the paddy growth from ploughing the fields to harvesting. The long walk to the school was pleasant in this weather and most of the time I used to love getting wet in the rain. The gushing water from the stream throughout the walk was so soothing. Nature had so much those days and now we are left with buildings and apartments in place of paddy fields and streams which is now only a memory, sweet monsoon memories. 

13 September 2013

My travelogue - Linger Balur

Finally, I got some inspiration to update my blog. I had a great time at Linger Balur Estate last year. It is the best way to experience monsoon in the Malnad regions. 

You can view my post at:

P.S: Pictures to be updated soon.

26 July 2012

Snippet on Imagery – just a try!

IMG_2490 Watching out through the window on a rainy day…
Oh… the monsoon rains!

As I watch the muddy water flowing through the stream,
The smell of the mud that quivers my senses.
Array of paper boats that flows through the gushing water,
Smiles and Giggles, watching them flow and doom.

The cool breeze of the trees from the woods; wet and dark,
Soft and lush green foliage of this grass, all bowed down.
The vivid hues of wild flowers dancing in the rain,
And the chirping  birds overflow with music.

Oh… the monsoon rains make me feel euphoric and at peace,
My dwelling, this is the place where I belong, where I’m myself.