31 December 2013

Thank you for 2013 & HaPpY NeW YeAr 2014!

Year 2013 was a fantastic year, full of challenges, a year to be remembered - filled with memorable moments and journeys all over.

Welcoming the new year on the move, journey from Ankola - Yellapur road was awesome and the NH4 highway too. 

Flicks on the move...

Wishing 2014 filled with joy and happiness, hoping for 365 days of paradise, filled with great journeys, sweet surprises, all in all wonderful year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!! Wishing all a peaceful year ahead.

P.S: Thank you all Bloggers and Readers for reading and supporting my blog.

29 December 2013

Thoughts from The Universe!

Between here and there, the only thing that matters is what you think, from now 'til then. 

Choices, choices, choices - 

The past is simply what you choose to remember, if you even choose to remember it.

28 December 2013

Vibrant GoA

Colourful huts at Morjim

Typical Goa - Coconut trees and the river banks... 

Fernando's Dolphin boat at Morjim

Sunset at the Manderam beach

11 December 2013

Handling traffic situations

Blogger has always given me the space to share my joy, vent out my frustration, share knowledge, and write whatever I want to.

Today I want to know from my fellow bloggers and readers about how can we tackle the traffic problems in India. It has really become pathetic, especially for working individuals to travel to and fro everyday. We feel so happy if our of the blue, you find the road free without any vehicles. 

I live in Bangalore and we all know that there was no development plan for Bangalore and the city has grown overnight due to the immigration of IT companies. But this does not mean that the infrastructure cannot be improved. Who is responsible for this improvement, is the department doing any progress, Metro is only on their plan?

I pity the condition if roads, the condition of vehicles plying in those roads, most important people travelling on these roads. I pity myself everyday, why do I need to go through all this after paying huge amount of tax every year!

If you see the KR Puram bridge, it'll take 30 minutes to cross the bridge, with damn slow moving traffic, to add to this are the pot holes and the narrow roads after that. Going forward from there, depends on you what route you take. The private vehicle pliers keep discovering a new route everyday, in the hope to avoid traffic, sadly they get stuck at one or the other signal. For Whitefield route, Graphite signal is a nightmare. This signal will test your patience. 

I really don't see any solution coming up here. Wonder, what'll be the condition when metro work begins on this phase. With all this, I think should we really elect anyone in this country who cannot think of the common man, what our city is going through? We as a citizen, how can we solve this problem?

8 December 2013

A Beautiful Day!!!

Morning at Cubbon Park, Bangalore

A fresh morning and these flowers are treat to the eyes. 

29 November 2013

Thank You!!!

Two of the most powerful words in the English language for bringing about change, are "thank you." Especially when offered before the change even occurs and everything still looks pretty much like it did yesterday.

You'll have to think of something to say afterwards on your own.

Thank You!!!

P.S: Image is copyright protected to Prashant Bhandare. Anyone who wants to publish or use these images for any purpose, please contact the concerned for permission.

18 November 2013

An evening at Rankala Lake, Kolhapur

Would it comfort you to know, that there is always a solution, there are always "happy grounds," and that everything is going to turn out in your favor? 

13 September 2013

My travelogue - Linger Balur

Finally, I got some inspiration to update my blog. I had a great time at Linger Balur Estate last year. It is the best way to experience monsoon in the Malnad regions. 

You can view my post at:

P.S: Pictures to be updated soon.

2 September 2013

Words of Wisdom

Dominion over all things doesn't come with age, spirituality, or even gratitude. In fact, it doesn't come at all. You were born with it, and you use it every moment of every day, whenever you say, "I will... I am... I have..."

And for that matter, whenever you say, "It's hard... I'm lost... I don't know..."

Careful where you point that thing!

Life's not about learning to find your power, it's about learning to use it.

Courtesy: TUT... Notes from the Universe

15 March 2013


Indianism is a term exclusive to Indian English. I could list few terms that we usually use though we should not be using as per Standard English.

Do the needful

Do the needful is very old-fashioned English, It went out of style decades ago, about the time the British left. This term is outdated all over the world except in India.


I have done the needful. – Incorrect
I have done what is necessary or needed. – Correct

Please do the needful. - Incorrect
Please do what is necessary or needed. - Correct

Please do the needful to attend the mentioned training. – Incorrect
Please do what is necessary to attend the meeting. - Correct

My computer's broken. Please do the needful. - Incorrect
My computer is broken. Please look into this. - Correct

I have sent you an email. Read it and do the needful. – Incorrect
I have sent you an email. Read the email and do what is necessary. – Correct

I am very hungry. Please do the needful. - Incorrect
I am very hungry. Please make me a sandwich. – Correct

Kindly revert

In Standard English, Revert means to return to a former state.


Kindly revert back to me. - Incorrect
Please reply to me. – Correct

Kindly revert back for any clarification. - Incorrect
Please contact us should you need assistance to proceed from here. – Correct
Please feel free to call us for clarifications. – Correct

Please revert at the earliest. - Incorrect
Please reply at the earliest. – Correct

Reply back

The use of reply back is wrong because it contains a redundancy. The word reply means to say something back. The meaning of the word back is already contained in reply, so there is no need to use them together.


Please reply back as soon as possible. - Incorrect
Please reply as soon as possible. – Correct

I’ll reply back to the email. - Incorrect
I will reply to the email. – Correct


Prepone is one of a few words that we Indians have created for our own convenience. Apparently, this phrase has become so popular that it’s even been added to a few dictionaries!


I have preponed the meeting. - Incorrect
I have rescheduled the meeting to . – Correct

Please do XYZ without fail

Here, Please is a request and without fail is an order.


Kindly attend the meeting without fail. – Incorrect
Kindly attend the meeting. Please do not fail me in this. – Correct

Please intimate me

To intimate is a rare verb meaning to inform someone privately.


Please intimate me. - Incorrect
Please inform me. – Correct

Do one thing

Do one thing is the direct translation of Ek kaam karo and this usage is incorrect. One thing can be ten things, but it is still one thing.


Scenario: My computer keeps getting hung.

Indian Usage: Do one thing. Clear your history. Delete your cookies. Defrag your hard drive. Run a virus check. Restart your computer.

Correct Usage: Do the following:
Clear your history.
Delete your cookies.
Defrag your hard drive.
Run a virus check.
Restart your computer.

Do one thing. Take a left turn there. - Incorrect
You can take a left turn there. – Correct

Let’s do one thing, let’s order both veg and non-veg. - Incorrect
Let’s order Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian. – Correct

Do one thing, set the headline in Times New Roman. - Incorrect
You can set the headline in Times New Roman. – Correct

You have carpal tunnel? Do one thing, adjust your chair higher, put something underneath your feet, and put the keyboard on your lap. - Incorrect
You have carpal tunnel? Adjust your chair higher, put something underneath your feet, and put the keyboard on your lap. – Correct

Note: Carpal tunnel means cramp.

Out of Station

Out of Station is widely used in India which is incorrect.


If you lose your card or it stops working and you happen to be out of station, then you cannot apply for a new card. - Incorrect
If you lose your card or it stops working and you happen to be out of town, then you cannot apply for a new card. – Correct

He is out of station. - Incorrect
He is out of town. – Correct

Discuss about

The word discuss means to talk about. There is no need to insert the word about after discuss.


What shall we discuss about today? - Incorrect
What shall we discuss today? – Correct

Let’s discuss about the issues. - Incorrect
Let’s discuss the issues. – Correct

Order for

When you order something, you order it, you do not order for it.


Ordering for Pizza. - Incorrect
Ordering Pizza. – Correct

I’ll order for Pizza. - Incorrect
I’ll order Pizza. – Correct

How to order for Pizza? - Incorrect
How to order Pizza. – Correct

Can be able to

Both can and able to hold the same meaning.


I can be able to do it. - Incorrect
I will be able to do it. – Correct
I can do it. – Correct

You can be able to understand. - Incorrect
You will be able to understand. – Correct
You can understand. – Correct

I can be able to communicate in English with people all over the world. - Incorrect
I am able to communicate in English with people all over the world. – Correct
I will be able to communicate in English with people all over the world. – Correct