4 November 2008

Blueberry Hills ...ಹರಿ ಪದವು...

Heard of Blueberry Hills…? Earlier, it’s called as Hari Padav. I hail from this place and I’m blessed to hail from this part of Mangalore. Its one of the best places in Mangalore for morning jogs and evening walks. People of all groups come for morning jog and evening walks and relish the calm atmosphere.

Blueberry hills….my childhood memories are still alive…roaming and climbing the hills especially in the evenings, climbing trees :D to get cashews, picking up blueberries from the shrubs, flying kites...this one’s my favourites… evening walks.. playing cricket..volleyball which we didn’t miss any of the Sundays, having Omelette in the petty shops (Goodangadi) which had yummy taste. Life was bubbly and carefree then.

You get an enlivening view from the top of this hill with views of Arabian Sea, Infosys Campus, Mangalore helipad (Maryhill), Shopping Malls, Bungalows, Apartments, City, Krishna Palemar’s Landlinks Township with Cashew Trees, Blueberry Shrubs, Sandal Wood trees (Very few now), trees of different varieties around. It’s a pride that Mangalore’s only Software Technology Parks of India is located here. I used to work here for my former company Diya where my sentiments are emotionally involved.

Blueberry hills…sometimes back was a famous spot for couples. Couples used come for a ride around Blueberry hills and enjoy the sea view and cool breeze. Now, the landscape has got a different shape with the construction of Forensic Laboratory in that location. But still there are people who have their sentiments close to Blueberry hills come and take pleasure of the horizon.

Development is catching up in Mangalore and this development has a huge impact on the scenic beauties. Skyline Builders have touched the Mangalore soil and their first project is underway at Blueberry Hills. I’m pretty sure like any other places, Blueberry hills will also be packed with Apartments and Bungalows in a couple of years. Hope the builders will have mercy on nature and preserve its beauty as it is. My zeal for bucolic life is alive and I want to experience this beauty till the end. Good spirit alone has to save Blueberry hills from the builders who seem to be monsters to Nature. Save Nature and Save Blueberry hills.. Save our childhood memories and let our next generation have the benefit of natural world. :-)


  1. As days ,going back to roots in one of my dreams... Myself,proud to be a Mangalorean. People, Place and Food.. Best in the world :D

  2. hey nice pic! I'm from Udupi and nice to see your blog!

  3. A charming and pleasant note on the Blue berry hills that connects Derebail Konchadi with Yeyyadi Konchadi through a serpentine route.

  4. Thanks Ravi. It's a scenic route through Derebail to Yeyyadi. I hope it remains scenic as it was. :)