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23 September 2016


Lotus, as in is divine when they bloom. The Ganesha idol decorated with Lotus for Ganesha Chathurthi along with Ganesha's favourite grass Dhruva or Durva at home.
Oh, these petals and the colours of the lotus petal made me stop by the man who was plucking the petals before closing for the day. They are so beautiful, I started clicking pictures of these petals. Pictures clicked at KR Market, Bengaluru.

Sahasrara means thousand, infinite! In this context thousand-petaled.

23 May 2016

Experience Bengaluru: KR Market (Chickpet)

Aerial view of the flower market
KR Market.. especially the flower market is one of the offbeat things to do during your stay in Namma Bengaluru. The KR Market has it's own charm while the people all over Bengaluru come in the early hours of the day to purchase items for their business may it be flowers, veggies, fruits or groceries. KR Market is the hub for all such things in Bengaluru.

Why did I end up in KR Market?

Past few weeks we had not done any travel and have been claustrophobic staying within the house during the weekend. So, we thought of an early morning photography plan at KR Market. Though we did not make it that early...Since we went on a Sunday morning, the market wasn't that crowded and no important functions in Bangalore or that would have been a pleasure to observe people carrying out their business. I love watching people from the the first or second floor of the flower market. 

There's nothing much I think of telling about KR Market. It's an experience visiting the busy and main market of any town and KR Market is one of such markets in Bengaluru. Few of my clicks from yesterdays market visit:

Loved the way they've arranged Mogra and Abboli (Firecracker Flower)

Seeing an STD booth after long, they still exist here

Din't know they make it ready to wear :D