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13 June 2016



Mangalorean Jasmine with a pleasant fragrance which does not give headache unlike other jasmine variety and knotted using the thread pulled from the banana steam. And these Abboli aka Firecracker flowers are so vibrant with their enchanting colours. Just could not admire watching these flowers, they make my day.
Different shades of Abboli-Mallige


8 February 2016

Wedding Moments: Hairstyle of a typical Mangalorean Bride

Mangalore is famous for few things: The Ideal Icecreams, Beaches, Temples, Seafood, down to earth people and yes, Mangalorean Jasmine - Mallige. You get anything anywhere in the old but Ideal icecreams and Mangalore Mallige is really difficult to transport and get it anywhere in the world. However, these flowers are sent often to Siddi Vinayak temple in Mumbai. 

Any Mangalorean wedding is incomplete without the presence of Jasmine. No matter what price of Jasmine on the day of wedding, people afford to buy Jasmine. Based on the local demand, the price is fixed daily. So, in case there are religious festivals and lot of festivals in a day, the Mallige price can go up to 1500 for an Atti. It seems 800 flowers make a chendu and 4 chendu makes an Atti. 

Hairstyle of a typical Mangalorean wedding:
Around 5 Atti Mallige is used for the Jasmine Braid (Mallige Jade) for a bride in Mangalore. And bridal hairstyle pattern is typical and specific to Mangalore. Check few of the pictures of Mangalorean Mallige Jade.

PC: Nithin Suvarna, Nayan Kumar
Wedding Photography by: Dreamframes, Balmatta, Mangalore

Bridal Hairstyle at:
Diva Beauty Salon
Address: 1st Floor, Somayaji Building, Bunts Hostel Road, Opposite Hotel Woodlands, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575002
Phone:0824 244 3086

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